Meltdown New Year Essentials Bundle

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Product Details:

Tis the season for giving! Get the essentials for the perfect lay down in one bundle at one ridiculously low price. This bundle includes all the essentials...

Meltdown Lace Glue
Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and latex
Completely waterproof and sweat resistant
Gentle for all skin types
Easy and painless to remove with any lace glue remover or alcohol

Meltdown Glue Remover
Effortless removal
Sensitive skin friendly
Simple cleanup

Meltdown Stylin' Glue Gel Argan Oil Strong Hold
Weightless while leaving your hair with superior hold
Strong hold formula with no flaking
Perfect for: Laying lace wigs, edge curls and defining curls

Silk Edge Laying Scarf
The satin material maintains and protects the hair line
Use on wigs and wrap around hair line to keep lace stay intact
Helps to Melt the lace after applying Meltdown Lace Glue

Only Available this Holiday Season. Get yours while you can!