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Crown Jewels Natural Bohemian Curl 3 Bundles

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Product Details:

Discover your true beauty potential whenever you’re rocking the Bohemian Curl. It is soft and completely customizable to your own personal taste. 

Made out of 100% natural virgin hair - You’ll be able to dye, iron, bleach the Bohemian Curl while maintaining it’s pure natural quality. Completely shed and tangle-free that won’t get on your way at work, weddings, or even at a girl’s night out! 

It is chemical-free and reusable, so you can keep the style going for a long time. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Low maintenance, extensive, and versatile
  • 100% natural 
  • Less likely to tangle 
  • Completely customizable
  • Can be ironed, blow-dried, and dyed


Can you straighten the Bohemian Curl?

Absolutely! Our Bohemian Curl’s hair can be ironed, blow-dried, and dyed without a problem.

After straightening, does it go back to its curly style after wash?

Yes, it easily can. You can use Flexi rods in order to have better curls.ow long does this hair typically last? 

1-2 years.

Are they 100% natural? 

Yes, our Natural Bohemian Curl is chemical and process free which makes it very authentic and 100% natural. 

How to care for Virgin Natural Bohemian Curl hair 

  • Treat the extensions like your own hair - This can easily extend your Natural Bohemian Curl’s hair tremendously. 
  • Do not sleep when your hair is wet. 
  • Bleaching or dying your can hair affect its texture, please use a professional hairstylist if you lack the experience.
  • Use a gentle shampoo and do not rub the hair. Carefully rinse the Natural Bohemian Curl slowly and gently.