2021 Meltdown Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Shine Leave-in Hair Spray

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Product Details:

Product Details:

Introducing Meltdown Anti-frizz Moisturizing Leave-In Hair Spray. A winner for any beauty expert as it not only reduces frizz but will add shine and moisture to your gorgeous hair. Simply apply to damp hair and wa-lah! Youre ready to take on the day! Best hair moisturizer for natural hair, curly hair, and all other hair types. 


Features & Benefits 

  •   Doesnt contain harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and latex
  •   Safe to use
  •   Gentle for all skin types
  •   Easy and painless to remove with any lace glue remover or alcohol



Will this work in humid weather?

This is a lightweight product that is sure to leave your hair softer and more gorgeous even on humid days.


Weight: 100 ml